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Recorded Grade Dairy Goats

Recorded Grade goats are defined by the International Dairy Goat Registry as: "Those goats having little or no information available on their ancestry or of their ancestry were not registered, then the goat can be recorded as Grade. The application process to register a grade animal requires identification of the breed the animal most represents, a photo and available background information on the animal. If the animal is found to conform to the breed standards for its age and gender but has no registered ancestors, it will be entered in the Grade herdbook as Recorded by Appearance."

Many breeders favor the Recorded Grades for a variety of reasons. Most notably, selective breeding for specific traits or breeding for the elimination of identified weaknesses.

With Recorded Grades you can get the best of two breeds. Sometimes you get a better quality animal than a purebred. Sometimes the grades are more productive. Also, you never know what you are going to get, color-wise or ear shape.

Hybrid vigor is a factor in the consideration of Recorded Grade dairy goats. "Heterosis," hybrid vigor or outbreeding enhancement, describes the increased strength of various characteristics in hybrids. The superior characteristics of two breeds can be combined to create one animal with traits of both breeds. Selective breeding research is currently in progress all over the world, with goats being bred for superior conformations, udder formation, stature, milk production and butterfat content. Parasite resistance is also a point of research within theses selective breeding programs. Combining the best of both breeds can result in offspring which is superior to both parents.