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Performance Improvement 

The Performance Improvement Committee is geared to helping Georgia Dairy Goat owners improve their herds. This can be done through milk test, linear appraisal, and genetic testing and selective breeding.

If you have any questions about getting your goats registered for Linear Apprasial or being placed on milk test, or other methods of improving your herd, please contact the Performance Improvement Chair De Cannon at [email protected]



he ADGA linear appraisal system evaluates individual type traits that affect structural and functional durability in order to take full advantage of the potential for genetic improvement through selection. ADGA’s linear system:

  • Evaluates each animal & trait individually
  • Evaluates each trait from one observed biological extreme to the other
  • Includes traits that have economic importance and are at a minimum, moderately heritable
  • Applied uniformly

The linear appraisal system includes 13 primary traits, one secondary trait, a research trait as well as structural categories scored by the appraiser to evaluate functional conformation on mature does and bucks.

Producers have the information to make a more accurate selection of breeding stock than ever before. Because of this, the responsibility and the opportunity for breed improvement are directly upon breeders.

The seedstock breeder, hobbyist & the commercial producer can all benefit from selecting stock based on fact; not just guesswork as the “eye” sees it.

(note: this description is credited/copied from the website is is used here primary for additional access to education regarding this program. Please visit the for additional information and to sign up for L.A. Additional helpful links are also provided below for your use. Thank you)

Linear Apprasial

**Please note, if joining a herd for L.A. at their farm, be prepared to have your annual disease test results and/or vet health certification available.** Please contact the individual host herd for their preferences. 


ADGA DHIR (Milk Test) Forms

Langston DHI Lab Forms 

Forms that only get turned in ONCE

 Forms you need to send in EVERY test time

 Langston Supervisor Test 

DHI Milk Test Video from Langston University (goat friendly DHI lab)