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Selling Milk in Georgia

Raw milk

You are allowed to sell RAW milk in Georgia for PET CONSUMPTION ONLY.

To do so you will need a COMMERCIAL FEED LICENSE and a PET FOOD LICENSE. Please click on the links below to access the Georgia Department of Agriculture's feed licensing pages.




"2-13-8. Labeling requirements.

(a) A commercial feed, other than a customer-formula feed, shall be accompanied by a label bearing the following information:(1)The net weight, which may be stated in metric units in addition to the required avoirdupois units;(2)The product name and the brand name, if any, under which the commercial feed is distributed;(3)The guaranteed analysis stated in such terms as the Commissioner, by regulation, determines is required to advise the user of the composition of the feed or to support claims made in the labeling. In all cases the substances or elements must be determinable by laboratory methods, such as the methods published by the Association of Official Analytical Chemists;(4)The common or usual name of each ingredient used in the manufacture of the commercial feed, listed in descending order of predominance by weight; provided, however, that for any commercial feed other than equine feed, the Commissioner, by regulation, may permit the use of a collective term for a group of ingredients which performs a similar function or exempt such commercial feeds or any group thereof from this requirement of an ingredient statement if the Commissioner finds that such statement is not required in the interest of consumers;(5)The name and the principal mailing address of the manufacturer or the person responsible for distributing the commercial feed;(6)Adequate directions for use for all commercial feeds containing drugs and for such other feeds as the Commissioner may require by regulation as necessary for their safe and effective use; and(7)Such precautionary statements as the Commissioner, by regulation, determines are necessary for the safe and effective use of the commercial feed.

40-5-2-.01 Label Format.(1) Commercial feed, other than customer-formula feed, shall be labeled withthe information prescribed in this regulation on the principal display panel of the product and in the following general format.(a) Net Weight (may be stated in metric units in addition to the required avoirdupois units) or net content(i.e., tablets, capsules, granules, or liquids) may be stated in units of net count, volume, or weight consistentwith the U.S. Fair Packaging Act.(b) Product name and brand name if any.(c) If a drug is used:1. The word "medicated" shall appear directly following and below the product name in type size, nosmaller than one-half the type size of the product name.2. The purpose of medication (claim statement).3. An active drug ingredient statement listing the active drug ingredients by their established nameandthe amounts in accordance with Regulation 40-5-2-.03(5).(d) Directions for use and precautionary statements or reference to their location if the detailed feeding directionsand precautionary statements required by Regulations 40-5-2-.05 appear elsewhere on thelabel.(e) The guaranteed analysis of the feed as required under the provisions of Section 2-13-8(a)(3) of the Act include the following items, unless exempted in (10) of this subsection, and in the order listed:1. Minimum percentage of crude protein.2. Maximum or minimum percentage of equivalent protein from nonprotein nitrogen as required in Regulation 40-5-2-.03(6).3. Minimum percentage of crude fat.4. Maximum percentage of crude fiber.5. Minerals, to include, in the following order: (a) minimum and maximum percentages of calcium (Ca), 9(b) minimum percentage of phosphorus (P), (c) minimum and maximum percentages of salt (NaCl), and (d) other minerals.6. Vitamins in such terms as specified in Regulation40-5-2-.03(4).7. Total sugars as invert on dried molasses products or products being sold primarily for their sugar content.8. Viable lactic acid producing microorganisms for use in silages in terms specified in regulation 40-5-2-.03(8).9. Liquid feeds and liquid feed supplements shall in addition to the foregoing, be labeled to show:(i) The maximum percentage of moisture.(ii) The minimum percentage of total sugars as expressed as invert provided molasses or anothersource of sugar is used as the base.10. Exemptions.(i)A mineral guarantee is not required when the feed or feed ingredient is not intended, or represented or does not serve as a principal source of that mineral to the animal and when the commercial feed contains less than 6-½% of calcium, phosphorous, and salt (NaCl).(ii) Guarantees for vitamins are not required when the commercial feed is neither formulated fornor represented in any manner as a vitamin supplement.(ii)Guarantees for crude protein, crude fat, and crude fiber are not required when the commercialfeed is intended for purposes other than to furnish these substances or they are of minor significance relating to the primary purpose of the product, such as drug premixes, mineral or vitamin supplements, and molasses.(iv) Guarantees for microorganisms are not required when the commercial feed is intended for apurpose other than to furnish these substances or they are of minor significant relating to the primary purpose of the product, and no specific label claims are made.(f) Feed ingredients, collective terms for the grouping of feed ingredients, or appropriate statements asprovided under the provisions of Section 2-13-8(a)(4) of the Act.(1) The name of each ingredient as defined in the Official Definitions of Feed Ingredients published inthe Official Publication of the Association of American Feed Control Officials, common or usual name, or one approved by the Commissioner.(2)Collectivetermsforthegroupingof feedingredientsasdefinedintheOfficialDefinitionsoffeedIngredientspublishedin theOfficialPublicationoftheAssociationofAmericanFeedControlOfficialsinlieuoftheindividualingredients;Providedthat:(i) When a collective term or a group of ingredients is used on thelabel, individual ingredientswithin that group shall not be listed on the label.(ii) The manufacturer shall provide the feed control official, upon request, with a list of individualingredients, within a defined group, that are or have been used at manufacturing facilities distributing in or into the state.(g) Name and principal mailing address of the manufacturer or person responsible for distributing the feed.The principal mailing address shall include the street address, city, state, and zip code; however the street address may be omitted if it is shown in the current city directory or telephone directory.(h) The information required in Section 2-13-8(a)(1)-(5) of the Act must appear in its entirety on one side of the label or on one side of the container. The information required by Section 2-13-8(a)(6)-(7) of the Act shall be displayed in a prominent place on the label or container but not necessarily on the same side as the above information. When the information required by Section 2-13-8(a)(6)(7) is placed on a different side of the label or container, it must be referenced on the front side with a statement suchas"See back of label for directions for use." None of the information required by Section 2-13-8 of the Act shall be subordinatedor obscured by other statements or designs."

Pasteurized Milk

You are allowed to sell PASTEURIZED milk in Georgia for HUMAN (or pet) consumption if you are a GRADE-A DAIRY

Here is the contact information for someone to help get the information to become a GRADE-A Dairy in Georgia:



Lane Skates

Dairy Program Manager

Ronnie Lott

Dairy Program Associate

Tele: (404) 656-3627

Fax: (404) 463-6428

Milk Machines


Simple Pulse: