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Meeting Programs

Hands-on learning about the care and management of Dairy Goats in Georgia

*** some current meeting programs are being presented online via ZOOM

- logon info for the upcoming meeting is available on this website's homepage ***

Sunday, 1:30 pm *May 23, 2021 - Business Meeting

During this Zoom meeting, members will have an opportunity to bring up for discussion/approval any goat related topic that they think will benefit the club and/or its members 

Sunday, 2 pm * July 25, 2021 - FAMANCHA Training

This program will teach members how to determine the degree of gut parasite load on individual goats and how & when to treat the them - Dr. Niki Whitley, Animal Scientist Specialist, Fort Valley University will lead the training & discussion -

Sunday 1:30 pm * Sept. 19, 2021 - Parasitology

The program will demonstrate and provide hands on training for running your own fecals & deworming your herd ~ this technique will compliment the FAMANCHA method for determining the parasite load of your goats 

Sunday 1:30 pm * Nov. 14, 2021 ~ Farm management, Barns, Cover Crops, Mud & Rotational Grazing - UGa County Extension Agent Shanna Reynolds will lead/present this discussion 

This program will discuss farm management and how to keep your acreage no matter how large or small the most efficient and healthy for your goats to promote quality and reduce costs. We will discuss barn construction and management, pasture management, what and when to plant in Georgia, the utilization of cover crops in unused pastures to increase soil fertility and add grazing options, and rotational grazing and options to deal with those muddy areas. 

Location: 201 N. Main St., Maxeys, GA ~ 706-247-2999

Christmas Luncheon - 1:30 pm, mid December

Health conditions permitting, we'll have a lunch gathering at Mary Rigdon's Decimal Pace Farm near Conley, GA - we'll share good food, good conversation & an exchange of gifts [$10-$15, wrapped] in an Elephant Gift Swap event - all are invited, just bring a covered dish & a wrapped gift [if participating]!