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**This information is a collaboration of the members of the GDGBA

and should not replace Veterinary recommendations**


There are many options for grains that you can feed your goats to supplement their pasture/hay diet. In dairy goats, grains will typically help increase milk production and help goats maintain body weight better. In this section we will discuss some of the various types/brands that can be bought in Georgia and the pros/cons of each. 

  • Dumor
  • Sweet textured feed: although this feed states “Made for all goats” this feed does contain Ammonium Chloride. Ammonium Chloride does help to prohibit the uptake of Calcium, which for dairy animals is crucial to milk production. It has been linked to brittle bones later in life to heavy producing animals.
  • Medicated pelleted feed*
  • Purina
  • Sweet textured feed
  • Medicated pelleted feed*
  • Southern States
  • Sweet textured feed
  • Medicated pelleted feed*
  • Godfreys
  • Milk Maker (17%Protein, 3%Fat, 12%Fiber)
  • This sweet textured feed is a specialty composition by Godfreys which is a local Georgia company headquartered in Madison. It is formulated by a nutritionist at the University of Georgia for both goats and cows who are lactating to increase milk production.

*If you are planning on consuming your milk or selling for human or pet consumption, please check with your local vet to see if the medications in the feed pass through into the milk.

Increasing protein and fat consumption for lactating animals will help increase milk production although goats have difficulty processing grain products that have a protein content greater than 17%.